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Lab 5

transgenic : random chromosomal integration of foreign DNA

homologous recombination ->site directed disruption (knockout) or replacement with a modified variant of a gene allele (knock-in) ->conditional KO/KI tissue specific and inducible

TG: take fertilised egg and inject dna into male nucleus, and the dna will randomly insert into the genome, gene gets expressed and you produce more of the protein. altho inserted randomly, doesnt often effect other parts of genome. You then take this and insert into a pseudopregnant female types of transgenic: target protein overexpressed->>more than normal may be ectopically expressed-->protein expressed in tissues which do not normally express it may be mutated protein to produce: constitutively active (gain of function) or dominant negative (loss of function) form of a protein or to mimic a mutated protein observed in a human genetic disease.