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Lab 1 assessment

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prokaryotic cytoskeleton

PMID 26756351


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Bacterial division protein Ftz. [1]

  1. <pubmed>26756351</pubmed>



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Learnt today

In this lab, I learnt how to create and edit a wiki page. I learnt how to format a page and log my attendance for each lab. I also learnt how to create headings and different types of subheadings and the coding involved in achieving that, as well as how to put in text under these particular headings. Two equal signs are used for headers, i.e. ==Title== and subsequent subheadings are created by adding an extra equal sign, e.g. ===subheading===. This lab also enabled me to learn how to search for scientific articles on various research databases such as PubMed and BioMed central, and use filters on these websites in order to find articles of interest. Furthermore, I learn the importance of copyright declarations on these articles, and which papers can and cannot be used in assignments. These databases were then used to be linked into the wiki, and I learnt the ways in which specific articles could be formatted to be linked into the wiki page. Coding was also used such as using [url] to link specific searches on the database, and the coding of <article database> article number </article database> was used to link to the specific article of choice, as well as provide additional information regarding the authors and publication date of the articles. In addition, coding was learnt to link specific pages within the wiki by using two square brackets, title of page, and for pages outside of this particular wiki, the coding of [URL] would be used. In order to give the link a title, the coding of [URL/ title] is used.

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Prokaryotic genomes and membranes [[1]]