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Lab 1 - What Cell Biology Journals allow reuse of acknowledged and correctly cited content?

The Journal of Cell Biology, BMC Cell Biology and Public Library of Science

Lab 2 - What are the "light" regions of DNA within the nucleus called?

Euchromatin - a lightly packed form of DNA.

Lab 3 - How do we know the hazards associated with research chemicals?

The hazards are listed on the MSDS which stands for material safety data sheets.

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Lab 4 - Identify a commercially available antibody to an adhesion junction protein, and also add a link to the antibody page on your own student page

A commercially available antibody against an adhesion protein - IB4, a monoclonal antibody against the CD18 leukocyte adhesion protein.This was produced using a rabbit model. IB4

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Lab 5

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'Lab 6 - Graph of total number of cells with phenotypes A-F in genotypes A and B

Graph pf total number of cells with phenotypes A-F