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Lab 1 - What Cell Biology Journals allow reuse of acknowledged and correctly cited content?

The Cell Biology Journals that allow reuse of acknowledged and correctly cited content are:

The Journal of Cell Biology - As long as the content is more than 6 months old and is correctly cited.

BMC Cell Biology - Article must be properly cited.

Public Library of Science including PLoS ONE, PLoS Biology and PLos Medicine - All content is available to freely use as long as it is properly cited.

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Lab 2 - What are the "light" regions of DNA within the nucleus called?

The light regions within the nucleus are euchromatin. This is decondensed chromatin distributed throughout the nucleus during interphase.

Reference used: "The Cell - A Molecular Approach 2nd ed., Cooper, Geoffrey M., Sunderland (MA): Sinauer Associates, Inc., 2000."

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Lab 3 - How do we know the hazards associated with research chemicals?

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are used to inform users of research chemicals about the chemical and physical properties of hazardous materials. They are standardised sheets which are required to be kept in labs so that users are familiar with the various names for the chemical and its ingredients, the chemical and physical properties, potential health risks, precautions that need to be followed when storing, handling or using the chemical and information about the manufacturer or importer.

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Lab 4 - Give an example of an antibody against an adhesion protein.

An antibody against an adhesion protein is Occludin (369.7): sc-81812. It is monoclonal and raised against recombinant Occludin of human origin. It is recommended for detection of Occludin in humans.

Link to Santa Cruz Biotechnology, inc. [[1]]

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Lab 6 - Phenotype comparison

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