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z3280894- Your page was difficult to follow due to your large pictures. Try and make them smaller and also add a little more text. Expand upon the function or abnormalities because there seems to be little written if the pictures are taken away. Your pictures are great just a little too big! also maybe add another more realistic one that wasn't drawn. Referencing also looks great.

B) In your first paragraph, is "Molecular clowning" supposed to be "molecular cloning"? Great referencing, you have clearly done a lot of research. I like the animated diagram and the table however, I agree that they are too big. The information seems to be placed in random places, even though it is not, because of the size of the pictures. Maybe you could put them as a thumbnail or something. I was able to follow the information easily which is fantastic. Well done!

C) The images would be good to be smaller and you can type more to discuss about the function and the current research. It is also a good idea make a table to summarize the functions.

D) You can also put a heading of the name of protein at the top.

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