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Despite the prevalence and significant burden of delirium, knowledge of its pathophysiology is limited. The physiological and molecular pathways from diverse causal factors to the core features of delirium are a fundamental research issue. A common pathway of pathogenesis is suggested by the stereotyped clinical presentation of delirium, despite the numerous potential causes.

autoclave is a device to sterilize equipment and supplies by subjecting them to high pressure steam at 121° C or more.

Alpha-1-acidic glycoprotein

Homo sapiens complex locus ORM1 and ORM2, encoding orosomucoid 1 and orosomucoid 2.


  • serum protein, also called orosomucoid
  • monomer about 210 amino acid residues long
  • amino acid sequence has been determined through 192 amino acids
  • Variants have been demonstrated in the blood of normal Caucasians and Japanese (Schmid et al., 1965). Johnson et al. (1969) presented twin and family data supporting the view that 3 phenotypes, SS, FF and FS, are determined by 2 codominant alleles.
  • gene for orosomucoid was assigned to the end of the long arm of chromosome 9
  • Yuasa et al. (1997) noted that in plasma, ORM proteins are presented as a mixture of ORM1 and ORM2 proteins in a molar ratio of 3:1, respectively.