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Introduction (3220040)

History/Timeline (3220040)

Methodology (3252005)

Cell cultures are divided into 3 general classes:

1. Primary Cultures (Consist of cells derived directly from tissues)

2. Semicontinuous Cell Cultures or Low-Passage Cell Lines (Obtained from subcultures of primary culture)

3. Continous/Immortalised Cell Cultures (Derived from transformed cells that are generally epithelial in origin)--z3252005 09:44, 10 April 2010 (UTC)

Applications (3252231)

Plant tissue culture is used widely in plant science; it also has a number of commercial applications. Applications include:

  • Micropropagation is widely used in forestry and in floriculture. Micropropagation can also be used to conserve rare or endangered plant species.
  • A plant breeder may use tissue culture to screen cells rather than plants for advantageous characters, e.g. herbicide resistance/tolerance.
  • Large-scale growth of plant cells in liquid culture inside bioreactors as a source of secondary products, like recombinant proteins used as biopharmaceuticals.
  • To cross distantly related species by protoplast fusion and regeneration of the novel hybrid.
  • To cross-pollinate distantly related species and then tissue culture the resulting embryo which would otherwise normally die (Embryo Rescue).
  • For production of doubled monoploid (dihaploid) plants from haploid cultures to achieve homozygous lines more rapidly in breeding programmes, usually by treatment with colchicine which causes doubling of the chromosome number.
  • As a tissue for transformation, followed by either short-term testing of genetic constructs or regeneration of transgenic plants.
  • Certain techniques such as meristem tip culture can be used to produce clean plant material from virused stock, such as potatoes and many species of soft fruit.
  • micropropagation using meristem and shoot culture to produce large numbers of identical individuals


Current research/advances (everyone)

References (everyone)

  • Willey J.M., Sherwood L.M., & Woolverton C.J. (2008).Prescott, Harley, and Klein's Microbiology (7th ed., pp. 866). New York: McGraw-Hill.

Hey I posted some of the information I found for methodology and put up the reference for the Information in APA form. I wasn't sure which format the references should have been in so if you guys want to use a different referencing style let me know. Sorry guys did have access to the internet for most of the week so I couldn't post up more information.--z3252005 10:16, 10 April 2010 (UTC)

I found an article which lists some common problems that can be encountered during cell culture. The article is [Corning guide for identifying and correcting common cell growth problems]. I was wondering whether I should add this as part of the methodolgy heading or should this be under limitations?--z3252005 10:33, 10 April 2010 (UTC)

  • hey guys sorry i could not come to the lab last week before the semester break coz i was feeling sick. during the break i am sure everyone was very busy and we could not work on cell bio assessment i guess. coz i was very busy wit the mid-session exam and assignments tht r due this week for me. but this week hopefully starting from tomorrow on i am going to work on applications and as soon as i finish this i will continue with the limitations so that we finish everything by the due date. gudluck wit ur studies!! Angama.

Hello guys I was wondering what we are planning to do for the drawing? I was thinking of maybe a simple flowchart of the methodology of cell culture. If you guys have any other ideas post them up so we can decide what to do. Hope you guys have a good weekend.--z3252005 02:31, 18 April 2010 (UTC)

hello, well i think flow chart is a good idea and is very easy to interpret and get the information to the audience quite easily. so i think go ahead wit ur idea and hopefully it is gonna work well. for the drawings i havent searched anything yet because i wanna finish off the info bit first. but i think if u come across a drawing tht relates to the info in ur section go for it upload it. n hopefully we wil help each other to see wat we can come up wit. coz im not sure either. anywayz guys gudluck though!! Angama.

Hey Guys I have almost finished the methodology, but I was wondering if we need a glossary for our page? Just let me know what you guys think.--z3252005 08:39, 26 April 2010 (UTC)

yea definately we need a glossary and also the links in the reference section. angama.

Ill do the glossary, im also working on the timeline & pictures & i wanted to wait until most of the parts were done so i culd include it in the intro --Joanne Raffel 06:24, 28 April 2010 (UTC)

Joanne I found a table for the history and timeline section which may be useful for you. Here is the link Some Landmarks in the Development of Tissue and Cell Culture.--z3252005 13:30, 1 May 2010 (UTC)

Hey Guys I found out how the references should be posted. Project Referencing webpage shows how we should post our references. You guys can use my references to see how to do it as I have fixed up my refernces.--z3252005 03:32, 2 May 2010 (UTC)

Glossary is done. I have also added a helpful links section if you can think of anythin to add, ive included centers focussing on cell culture & pubmed. Hey guys im not sure how u did the references section & i tried to copy what you did but i cant seem to add my stuff without deleting part of the page so im just goin to put my stuff up and we can adjust it properly when i know how you did it. ive also finished my section but i just need to find another picture without breachin copyright laws. Jo.

Hey guys I just posted up the flowchart for cell culture. If you guys have any problems with it let me know.--z3252005 08:38, 3 May 2010 (UTC)

Hey guys I was wondering that you both havnt included any info for the last 2 sections which we are all supposed to add something. I have added bit of info for the last 2 sections so if you guys add some more stuff especially for the current research part it will make our page look complete. Cheers! Angama.

I posted up some info into the current research section, sorry about being late. I just wanted to know if you guys wanted to post up a couple of links for cell culture videos in the helpful links section?? Angama could you put your references up as well, thanks.--z3252005 03:41, 5 May 2010 (UTC)