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Hey Clyde, the layout and plan for our project looks good, it was along the lines of what i was thinking, which is a good thing. What do you think Bonnie? Don't forget we need to include our student designed figure somewhere, i'm suggesting the fluorescent pcr procedure section, but we should decide as a group. Sorry about the slow reply, bt i was away for most of the break, and recovering from an incident i will tell you about. Also, we could think about splitting up the workload of the project into smaller more easily handled sections ie. the sections below?--z3187043 11:06, 11 April 2010 (UTC)

Hey Tom and Mari

How are you? For this project, I am thinking of including the history, procedures of fluorescent PCR, comparison of conventional PCR with fluorescent PCR, application of F-PCR in molecular biology analysis followed by the conclusion. The procedures would cover the underlying mechanism in the DNA amplification, fluorescence tagging and analysis. The history provides a brief description that begins with the development of conventional PCR, which eventually improvise into F-PCR. In addition, I have applied for article reuse for one of the journal article before we could utilize the material. If there is any suggestions, we could discuss through the discussion board or arrange a meet-up.


Best regards, Clyde

--z3178608 08:56, 6 April 2010 (UTC)