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--Mark Hill 03:33, 13 April 2011 (EST) Week 6 - Group 4 can see contributions from User:Z3288729 and User:Z3289066. Need to find out what other group members (User:z3252635 | User:z3217345) are doing.

--Mark Hill 17:23, 30 March 2011 (EST) Week 3 - Groups 1 to 4 have not commenced adding work to discussion pages. Group 5 and 6 have work on the discussion page and have some sub-headings organised but only 2 students in each group contributing to date (Group 5 - Z3218657 and Z3292208 ; Group 6 - Z3255968 and Z3265772).

--Mark Hill 19:33, 24 March 2011 (EST) Week 1 and 2 - Tutorials in online work, page editing, Journal information, copyright information and image uploading. Group 5 had also selected "Tunneling nanotubes" and I suggested that this topic may be difficult to research.

--Mark Hill 12:35, 20 March 2011 (EST) User:z3217345 - student requires group allocation

2011 Project Groups

Referencing Extension Problem

--Mark Hill 13:16, 3 May 2011 (EST) As mentioned in the lecture, I am aware of the referencing extension problem on your project pages. I have the following temporary solution, of removing the extension, so that groups can continue to add content to their project pages. I am also giving everyone a 1 week extension before the peer assessment.

This should only be done if your project page is not allowing you to save changes!

A. The Easy Way....

The following 4 steps can be done on the webpage or select all content in edit mode, copy and paste into a text editor. All steps must be completed before you attempt to save.

  1. In page edit mode, find all <pubmed> reference tags.
  2. Replace this tag with [
  3. Now find all </pubmed> reference tags.
  4. Replace this second tag with ]

This will generate a numbered reference list that we can later fix up.

B. The Better Looking Result....

Whatever is between the <ref> </ref></pubmed> tags is what will appear in your reference list, so you can format the reference and link to appear in your reference list.


A red link below means content yet to be added.

Week Date (Monday) Laboratory Thursday 9 - 11 am
Wallace Wurth 106
Group Project
1 07 Mar Introduction to Lab
2 14 Mar Microscopy Methods Online Basic Editing Tutorial
3 21 Mar Preparation/Fixation Selecting Group Topic/Image Tutorial
4 28 Mar Immunochemistry Reviews and Research articles new/old
5 04 Apr Cell Knockout Methods
6 11 Apr Cytoskeleton Exercise
7 18 Apr Confocal Microscopy

25 Apr - 01 May Mid-semester break
8 02 May Tissue Culture 1
9 09 May Microarray Visit Peer Assessment
10 16 May Tissue Culture 2 Assessment Edits
11 23 May Stem Cells Lab
12 30 May Stem Cells Analysis

06 Jun Study Week

13 Jun - 25 Jun Examination Period

11 Jul - 15 Jul Supplementary Examination Period

Public Holidays

  • Good Friday Friday 22 April
  • Anzac Day Monday 25 April
  • Easter Monday Tuesday 26 April (substitute holiday)
  • Queen's Birthday Monday 13 June