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You have not yet selected your individual project protein/method topic and still missing some homework items. 2009_Student#Individual_Projects Individual Projects

Peer Review:

  • It is good to use image to explain the mechanism of the protein.
  • It seems that the current research part is a bit short. It can be discussed more in this part.
  • It is great to have an introduction part to start off.

Interesting about the lecture of cell nucleus?

It was so amazing to know of how cell nucleus assembled. It can be just a little cell or organelle but scientist actually able to recognized each of its compartment or component in a nucleus cell. The nuclear cell identified from nuclear envelope which consist of outer and inner nuclear membrane, then nucleolus, chromosome territories, interchromatin, speckles interchromatin, and finally nuclear bodies. DIfferent components play a different role which may be essential or non essential in a cell. Cajal bodies is so amazing to learn because of its size of 0.1 microns to 2.0 microns only.

--Mark Hill 18:02, 19 March 2009 (EST) Thank you for your feedback. You have listed many of the components of the nucleus, I feel it is important to get a structure/function understanding for each of the cellular components we cover in the course. Once you understand those concepts, you can then consider the dynamic processes that occur within that component following signaling or during the cell cycle.

SOMS List of microscopes:

Laser Capture Microscope

- PALM laser capture microscope (LCM)

Confocal Microscopy

- Leica TCS SP Laser Scanning Microscope (inverted)

- Olympus FV1000 Laser Scanning Microscope (inverted).

  • Hi 3209709. First of all, just a few minor spelling/ grammatical errors:

“Golgin protein family” in line 1, “intra-Golgi transport and ER-to-Golgi transport” without the full stop in line 6, “</ref>” in line 10 “Nevertheless, p115 mediates clustering” last line in Vesicle thethering and fusion at the cis-Golgi, “Besides that, phosphorylation of GM130 during mitosis inhibits p115 to bind to Golgi membrane” in Diassembly of Golgi cisternae.

Also, it could be improved with maybe a glossary somewhere as there were few technical words I didn't understand... And maybe bit more information on the current research section. There was a single sentence followed by a reference.

Other than that I liked your diagram, which was obviously hand drawn and well referenced/ labelled. The organisation and the subheadings divide the page in a way that is easy to understand!