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PEER REVIEWER:(z3295026) It is very informative but i think there is too much information it show be simplifer maybe under more subheading to allow the reviewer/ individual to understand a basic overview about the topic. One of the guidelines were The final project should not be too lengthy, as a guideline typically 500 to a maximum of 1000 words. Maybe consider cutting some parts out... otherwise, the first section looks good with the images maybe explain the process of the gene (element) briefly...

PEER REVIEWER:(z3219261) The first section needs some proof reading, for example: "Action of anti-apoptotic protein is important since it gives cell a time to fix its damage and return to their normal state. Without the anti-apoptoic protein family, apoptosis may be uncontrollerable and normal cell with apoptotic mechanism initiated can't stop the process, and it may past the point where it can never return to their normal state but death" this should read as something more like "Action of anti-apoptotic protein is important since it gives cells time to fix damage and return to their normal state. Without the anti-apoptoic protein family, apoptosis may be uncontrollable and normal cells with the apoptotic mechanism initiated are unable to stop the process, and it may pass the point where it can no longer return to their normal state but instead die. This would read better, some other sections need similar minor adjustments. Otherwise a ver informative article, it shows good research into the processe underlying its function. good pictures maybe a few more would help to explain the more complex processes being explained.

PEER REVIEWER: (z3224277) I found this project to quite easy to follow in that it has a logical. However, I think you need to check your spelling and grammar for example: "A variety of physiological death signals as well as pathological cellular insults, trigger the genetically programmed pathway of apoptosis. Bcl-2 prevents the progress of the apoptosis with following mechanisms" it's quite difficult to follow.

I did like the fact that there were many relevant link incorporated into the text. The format and layout has been well done, and you've mastered the "Wiki" style referencing which I know is quite an arduous process!

PEER-REVIEWER Your project is very informative. I particularly like the way you've incorporated a link to your group project, as well as other links to definitions of various terms. Your referencing is good too. Suggestions I have for improvement are:

  • re-read over it again as there are a few grammar and typo issues. Here are a few I picked up:
    • Bcl-2 protein family is involoved (involved)
    • when you refer to 'Bcl-2 protein family', does it need a 'the' in front of it? It just seems hard to read without it
    • Bcl-2 is one of the anti-apoptotic protein(s) of this family and it's (its) main role is suppression of apoptosis progression
    • apoptosis may be uncontrollerable (uncontrollable)
    • (The)General process is shown in figure 2. (from function section)
    • Bcl-2 and other Bcl-2 family proteins directly controls the the cycle of the cell ????? (from cell cycle regulation)
    • capital letter for abormalities sub-heading
  • maybe you could space out your project a bit better so all the sections aren't so close togther. This would make it easier to read

Peer reviewer (3221652)

You have included the required information apart from current research. The use of diagrams are good, and incorporation of those information into the text is helpful. However, I have found a few grammatical errors (as the peer reviewer has also mentioned above) and some subheadings and disease names need capitol letters.

--Mark Hill 09:25, 20 April 2009 (EST) You have significant work to do on your homework topics. Currently you nly have a very brief answer to lecture 4. There have been additional questions from lectures 5, 7, 8, 10 2009_Student#Individual_Projects Individual Projects

You have also not yet selected your individual project protein/method topic and still missing some homework items. 2009_Student#Individual_Projects Individual Projects