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Commercial Antibody Suppliers

Company Products/activity Location URL
Antibody manufacturers, suppliers and services
21st Century Biochemicals Custom monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies Marlboro, Massachusetts

Abcam Antibodies Cambridge, UK

Abnova Catalogue monoclonal antibodies Taipei City, Taiwan

Affinity Labeling Technologies Nucleotide-based photoaffinity reagents for antibody labelling Lexington, Kentucky

AnaSpec Catalogue and custom monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies San Jose, California

Antibodies Incorporated Custom and secondary monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies and reagents Davis, California

Atlas Antibodies Antibodies and affinity reagents Stockholm, Sweden

Aves Labs Polyclonal chicken antibody services Tigard, California

BD Biosciences Catalogue and custom antibodies San Diego, California

Beckman Coulter Catalogue monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies Fullerton, California

BioGenes Custom monoclonal and polyclonal antibody production Berlin, Germany

BioLegend Catalogue antibodies San Diego, California

Biomeda ELISA kits, monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies Foster City, California

Biotrend Catalogue antibodies, custom antibody services Cologne, Germany

Boston Biochem Antibodies targeting ubiquitin proteosome pathway Cambridge, Massachusetts

Cambridge Research Biochemicals Custom peptide synthesis, polyclonal antibody production Billingham, UK

Cayman Chemical Catalogue antibodies Ann Arbor, Michigan

Cell Signaling Technology Antibodies for cell signalling through pathways such as MAP kinase, AKT and PKC Danvers, Massachusetts

Cytomyx Antibodies for kinases and ion channels Cambridge, UK

Delta Biolabs Catalogue antibodies to wide range of cell-signalling proteins Campbell, California

Diaclone Catalogue monoclonal antibodies; ELISA and Elispot Stamford, Connecticut

Dragonfly Sciences Custom monoclonal and polyclonal antibody production Wellesley, Massachusetts

eBioscience Catalogue cytokine antibodies San Diego, California

ECM Biosciences Antibodies to post-translational modifications in proteins and peptides Versailles, Kentucky

EMD Biosciences Catalogue antibodies San Diego, California

Fusion Antibodies Custom monoclonal or polyclonal antibodies, scFv production Belfast, UK

Geneservice Antibodies Cambridge, UK

Genovac Custom antibody services Freiburg, Germany

GenScript Antibody purification resins, custom peptide synthesis Piscataway, New Jersey

Harlan Custom antibody services, peptide synthesis Indianapolis, Indiana

Invitrogen Antibodies, fluorescently tagged antibodies Carlsbad, California

Lake Placid Biologicals Antibodies for studying chromatin Lake Placid, New York

Lonza Biologics Contract manufacturing of therapeutic antibodies Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Mabtech Catalogue antibodies suitable for cytokine detection in ELISpot, ELISA and intracellular staining Nacka Strand, Sweden

Millipore Catalogue antibodies Billerica, Massachusetts

Molecular Diagnostic Services Custom monoclonal or polyclonal antibody production San Diego, California

MorphoSys Phage-based antibody library screening services, therapeutic antibody discovery Martinsried, Germany

New England Biolabs Antibodies Ipswich, Massachusetts

Novus Biologicals Custom and catalogue antibodies Littleton, Colorado

Open Biosystems Custom antibody services Huntsville, Alabama

OriGene Catalogue antibodies Rockville, Maryland

PeproTech Anticytokine antibodies Rocky Hill, New Jersey

ProSci Catalogue antibodies, custom monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies Poway, California

QED Bioscience Custom monoclonal and polyclonal antibody production, genetic immunization,cell-culture services San Diego, California

Rockland Immunochemicals Catalogue antibodies; primary, secondary and fluorescently tagged antibodies Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania

Sigma-Aldrich Catalogue monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies; chemicals and reagents St Louis, Missouri

Spring Valley Laboratories Custom monoclonal and polyclonal antibody production Woodbine, Maryland

Zyomyx Human cytokine profiling system Hayward, California

Antibody-based drug discovery and development
Abbott Monoclonal-antibody-based drug discovery and development Abbott Park, Illinois

AbD Serotec (MorphoSys) Phage-display libraries, antibody drug development Martinsried, Germany

Ablynx Nanobodies development, drug discovery based on nanobodies Ghent, Belgium

Affibody Development of Affibodies as alternative binders, Affibody-based drug discovery Bromma, Sweden

Affimed Therapeutics Phage-display human antibody libraries Heidelberg, Germany

Amgen Monoclonal-antibody-based therapeutics, Enbrel Thousand Oaks, California

Archemix Aptamer-based drug discovery and development Cambridge, Massachusetts

BioInvent Developed n-CoDeR phage libraries, drug discovery and development Lund, Sweden

Biotecnol Monoclonal-antibody-based therapeutics focused on cancer Baltimore, Maryland

Cambridge Antibody Technology Monoclonal-antibody therapeutics Cambridge, UK

Centocor Monoclonal-antibody-based therapeutics targeting immune-mediated inflammatory disorders Malvern, Pennsylvania

Dyax Phage-display Fab libraries, drug discovery Cambridge, Massachusetts

Ortho Biotech Antibody-based drug discovery, Orthoclone OTK3 monoclonal antibody Bridgewater, New Jersey

PDL BioPharma Antibody-based drug discovery Mountain View, California

Regeneron Development of hybrid antibody molecules as therapeutics Tarrytown, New York

XOMA Antibody-based therapeutics, Raptiva monoclonal-antibody therapy Berkeley, California

Immunoassay and immuohistochemistry
Accuri Cytometers Flow cytometry instrumentation Ann Arbor, Michigan

Active Motif ELISA kits for transcription-factor assays, antibodies Carlsbad, California

Alpha Diagnostic Custom peptides and polyclonal antibodies, kits for ELISA San Antonio, Texas

Applied Imaging Developed Ariol high-throughput immunohistochemistry system San Jose, California

Amersham Biosciences Reagents for immunochemistry assays Uppsala, Sweden

Assay Designs Immunoassays (ELISA), antibodies Ann Arbor, Michigan

Beecher Instruments Tissue microarray instruments and reagents Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

Bender MedSystems Flow cytometry systems, ELISA systems and reagents Vienna, Austria

Bio-Rad Bio-Plex multiplex antibody assays Hercules, California

Dako Flow cytometry kits and reagents, antibodies Carpinteria, California

Diagnostic Biosystems Monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, kits and stains for immunohistochemistry Pleasanton, California

GenBio Assays for antibodies characteristic of Lyme disease San Diego, California

Panomics Luminex- and ELISA-based assays Redwood City, California

Perkin Elmer Life Sciences Automated immunoassays Waltham, Massachusetts

Pierce Biotechnology Antibody production and purification, immunoassays Rockford, Illinois

R&D Systems Immunoassay kits and reagents, antibodies, ELISA, flow-cytometry kits Minneapolis, Minnesota

Thermo Fisher Scientific Antibodies and immunoassay reagents Waltham, Massachusetts

Vision Biosystems Automated immunohistochemistry systems and reagents Mount Waverely, Australia

BioFX Laboratories Secondary antibodies, immunohistochemistry reagents and substrates Owings Mills, Maryland

Cambio Molecular biology reagents, specialized biochemicals Cambridge, UK

Carl Zeiss Imaging systems Jena, Germany

Integra Biosciences Cell cultivation systems Chur, Switzerland

MP Biomedicals Reagents and chemicals for research Aurora, Ohio

New Brunswick Scientific Cell cultivation instruments Edison, New Jersey

Nikon Instruments Imaging systems Melville, New York

Peptide Specialty Laboratories Custom peptide synthesis Heidelberg, Germany

USB Chemicals and reagents for molecular biology Cleveland, Ohio

(Above table based on supplier table in Nature)