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Developmental Models
What makes one cell different from the next?
Developmental Models
drosophila- fruit fly
c. elegans- worm
xenopus- frog
zebrafish- fish
chicken- bird
mouse- mammal
Background to Patterning
All cells contain the same genetic material and are initially equipotent
Development is about pattern formation
axis and tissue formation
Regulators of pattern - signaling
Contact (cell-cell, cell-ECM, surfaces)
Morphogen (soluble, modified)
“window”, undifferentiated/differentiated, stem
Genome modification, regulators
Drosophila Development Model
Position-Specific Patterning
Cascade of short range inductions
Secretion of long range signal
Long range secondary signal from primary inductive
spinal cord /neural crest, examples of complex structure generated by such a signalling process
Short Range Inductive Cascade
Long Range Signal
Long Range Secondary Signal from Primary Inductive

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