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--Mark Hill 23:49, 12 April 2009 (EST)OK Jessica and joel, where are your contributions? When I check back here after mid-semester I want to see some entries from you both.


In regards to referencing, please add the references using the <ref> and </ref> tags

  • z3224479 will fix all the referencing for the Group Project to a concise and legible format similar to the other Wikipedia websites. Therefore add the reference in the tags I have mentioned via the Son of Citation Machine after each paragraph and I will convert it such that it will be grouped in the base of the page

Individual Projects

Please choose a protein relating within the subtopics of the Nucleus as it will be easier to complete by expanding upon the knowledge you would have posted upon the Group Project. Please list your chosen protein at the bottom of this page such that it cannot be chosen by another individual.



overview of nucleus

  • history (Jo)
  • funtion (Jo)
  • nuclear size (C)
  • nuclear compartment and size (C)
  • nuclear membrane (C)
  • nuclear lamina incorporate into nuclear membrane notes(C)
  • nuclear transport (Y)
  • nuclear protein import/export (Y)
  • nuclear pores (C)
  • nuclear bodies (Y)
  • nucleolus (jes)
  • chromatin (jes)
  • chromosomes (integrated with chromosome territories) (C)
    • telomere
    • centromere
    • DNA
  • Chromosome DNA packing (w/ histones and nucleosomes) (jes)
    • RNA
  • nucleus in different cells (Jo)
  • eukaryotic gene expression (covering DNA replication, mRNA splicing and mRNA intracellular transport and protein) (je)
  • nucleus abnormalities (Y)
  • microscopic techniques (Jo)
  • recent findings (All)


(Please fill in by Thursday week 5)

  • Yvonne : Histones
  • Colin : Lamins
  • Jessica : Actin-binding proteins
  • Joel :