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  • 16:04, 17 May 2017 Z5043057 talk contribs uploaded File:Zangptl4.jpg (=Gcgf-/- and alpha cell hyperplasia= ==Description== GCGR-blocking antibody can actually promote normal hyperglucagonemia and alpha cell grwoth n Angptl4-/- male mice. z5043057 ==Original Figure Legend== GCGR-blocking antibody promotes normal hyperg...)
  • 17:35, 16 May 2017 Z5043057 talk contribs uploaded File:Zalphacellhyper.jpg (=Gcgf-/- and alpha cell hyperplasia= ==Description== This image encapsulates the extent of islet and pancreatic alpha cell hyperplasia by making glucagon red, insulin green, and somatostatin red in e and f. z5043057 ==Original Figure Legend== Gcgr...)
  • 16:10, 11 April 2017 Z5043057 talk contribs uploaded File:T2D- Alpha.jpg (Comparison between alpha cell effect in T2D. In normal functioning islets of the pancreas, the blood glucose levels are regulated by pancreatic alpha and pancreatic beta cells by the secretions of glucagon and insulin respectively. In a dysfunctional,...)
  • 16:46, 4 April 2017 Z5043057 talk contribs uploaded File:Morphological Analysis of B35 neuro-epithelial cells.png (Morphological Analysis of B35 neuro-epithelial cells. Specifically the morphological change between over-expression of Tm4)
  • 15:08, 11 March 2017 Z5043057 talk contribs uploaded File:Growth of Plasma Membrane.png (Original Image File Name: Journal.pone.0067708.g006.png Web Address: Paper Title: Membrane Elastic Properties and Cell Function Figure Legend: Figure 6. Plasma membrane vesicle...)