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Dispersion of Nuclear Membrane Proteins into the ER

Original file name: JCB.14511f3.jpg

This image uses immunofluorescence staining and confocal microscopy to show the dispersal of integral nuclear membrane proteins (and a Golgi enzyme)into the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) after the breakdown of the nuclear envelope by displaying a comparison between the location of the ER membranes and the location of the nuclear proteins LAP2 and gp210 and the Golgi enzyme α-mannosidase II. (A) Labeling with LAP2-specific monoclonal antibody RL29 (B) Labeling with gp210-specific monoclonal antibody RL20 (C) Labeling with polyclonal antibody against the Golgi enzyme α-mannosidase II The left column shows the labeled ER, the middle column shows the antibody marked proteins/enzyme and the right column is a merging of the two fluorescent images --Z3331556 (talk) 23:58, 27 May 2013 (EST)

Original legend: Comparison of the localization of ER membranes to the distributions of LAP2, gp210, and α-mannosidase II in metaphase cells. NRK cultures enriched in mitotic cells were fixed and examined by double labeling with DiOC6 and the LAP2-specific monoclonal antibody RL29 (A), DiOC6 and the gp210-specific monoclonal antibody RL20 (B), or R6 and a polyclonal antibody against the Golgi enzyme α-mannosidase II (C). Shown is the labeling with the ER probes (left column), antibody probes (center column), and a merge of the two fluorescent images (right column). The green/red color representation for the antibody and R6 was computationally reversed in the images presented in C for consistency. In A and B, two different metaphase cells are shown, and in C, a metaphase (left cell) and anaphase (right cell) are shown. Bar, 10 μm.



Integral Membrane Proteins of the Nuclear Envelope Are Dispersed throughout the Endoplasmic Reticulum during Mitosis


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