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This is information on the Cell Biology group project topics available for student project work commencing 2011. Group and Individual project work will also be linked from the 2011 student page. To begin working on your online project Editing Basics describes simple editing. Both these links are on every page left side navigation menu.

2011 Project Groups

Group Assessment Criteria

  • The key points relating to the topic that your group was allocated are clearly described.
  • The choice of content, headings and sub-headings, diagrams, tables, graphs show a good understanding of the topic area.
  • Content is correctly cited and referenced.
  • The wiki has an element of teaching at a peer level using the student’s own innovative diagrams, tables or figures and/or using interesting examples or explanations.
  • Evidence of significant research relating to basic and applied sciences that goes beyond the formal teaching activities.
  • Relates the topics and content of the Wiki entry to learning aims of cell biology.
  • Clearly reflects on editing/feedback from group peers and articulates how the Wiki could be improved (or not) based on peer comments/feedback. Demonstrates an ability to review own work when criticised in an open edited wiki format. Reflects on what was learned from the process of editing a peer’s wiki.
  • Evaluates own performance and that of group peers to give a rounded summary of this wiki process in terms of group effort and achievement.
  • The content of the wiki should demonstrate to the reader that your group has researched adequately on this topic and covered the key areas necessary to inform your peers in their learning.
  • Develops and edits the wiki entries in accordance with this sites wiki guidelines.

Referencing Extension Problem

--Mark Hill 13:16, 3 May 2011 (EST) As mentioned in the lecture, I am aware of the referencing extension problem on your project pages. I have the following temporary solution, of removing the extension, so that groups can continue to add content to their project pages. I am also giving everyone a 1 week extension before the peer assessment.

This should only be done if your project page is not allowing you to save changes!

The following 4 steps can be done on the webpage or select all content in edit mode, copy and paste into a text editor. All steps must be completed before you attempt to save.

  1. In page edit mode, find all <pubmed> reference tags.
  2. Replace this tag with [</no wiki> # Now find all <nowiki></pubmed>reference tags.
  3. Replace this second tag with ]

This will generate a numbered reference list that we can later fix up.

Project Timeline

Subject to change.

Week Date (Monday) Laboratory Thursday 9 - 11 am
Wallace Wurth 106
Group Project
1 07 Mar Introduction to Lab
2 14 Mar Microscopy Methods Online Basic Editing Tutorial
3 21 Mar Preparation/Fixation Selecting Group Topic/Image Tutorial
4 28 Mar Immunochemistry Reviews and Research articles new/old
5 04 Apr Cell Knockout Methods
6 11 Apr Cytoskeleton Exercise
7 18 Apr Confocal Microscopy

25 Apr - 01 May Mid-semester break
8 02 May Tissue Culture 1 Peer Assessment
9 09 May Microarray Visit Assessment Edits
10 16 May Tissue Culture 2
11 23 May Stem Cells Lab
12 30 May Stem Cells Analysis

06 Jun Study Week

13 Jun - 25 Jun Examination Period

11 Jul - 15 Jul Supplementary Examination Period

Group 1 - Synaptic Junctions

Synaptic Junctions | Discussion Page

User:z3305561 | User:z3284061 | User:z3290040 | User:z3254753

Group 2 - Gap Junctions

Gap Junctions | Discussion Page

User:z3253348 | User:z3290379 | User:z3283837 | User:z3367832

Group 3 - Tight Junctions

Tight Junctions | Discussion Page

User:z3254758 | User:z3367632 | User:z3254050 | User:z3318446

Group 4 - Desmosomes

Desmosomes | Discussion Page

User:z3289066 | User:z3252635 | User:z3129413 | User:z3288729 | User:z3217345

Group 5 - Adherens Junctions

Adherens Junctions | Discussion Page

User:z3291200 | User:z3292208 | User:z3254433 | User:z3218657

Group 6 - Neuromuscular Junction

Neuromuscular Junction | Discussion Page

User:z3219008 | User:z3255968 | User:z3347321 | User:z3265772 | User:z3060621

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