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===Individual Assignment===
''poita is a fictional character materialised solely in the mind of the author''
*known for a marked lack of reality
===Group Assignment===
*mechanical Dr. Frankenstien
[[Trk Receptors]]
[[Image:Lseries.jpg|thumb|L28-with triple mikunis on american delivered(LHD) Z-car]]
== Lecture Feedback ==
== Lecture Feedback ==

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Individual Assignment


Group Assignment

Trk Receptors

Lecture Feedback

Lecture 4 - Nucleus

I found "Protein Postcodes" to be an interesting concept; in order for proteins to reach their appropriate sites for post-translational changes to occur, the mRNA is first translated by cytoplasmic ribosomes. The initial amino sequence determines whether the mRNA-Amino-ribsomal complex remains in the cytoplasm or is translocated and becomes fixed in the Rough ER. Normal translation occurs from here using local ribosomes(be they cytoplasmic or reticular) and, in the case of ER translation, Peptide products are ejected from complex into the ER lumen for further post-translational modification.

Cell Adhesion Lecture

Home work;

  • I-CAMs are intracellular adhesion molecules
  • N-CAMs are neural cell adhesion molecules
  • Ng-CAMs are Neurone glia cell adhesion molecules
  • L-CAMs are liver Cell adhesion molecules

Mitochondria Lecture

Cellular processes requiring increased mitochondrial number;

  • Electron transport Chain/oxphos
  • Citric Acid Cycle
  • Heat generation in brown adipose tissues; "futile" electron transport processes
  • Apoptotic functions
  • Cellular metabolism regulation
  • some calcium signaling
  • many tissue-specific functions