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== Methods of Confocal Microscopy==
== Methods of Confocal Microscopy==
*the two methods used in confocal microscopy are Spinning and Laser
*the two methods used in confocal microscopy are Spinning and Laser
==S Phase in cell division==
*S Phase stands for Synthesis Phase
==individual assignment topic==
==individual assignment topic==

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Cell Biology


  • I found the membrane of the nucleus to be interesting. I always thought the nucleus membrane was impermeable, so finding out there were pores was interesting.
  • The mRNA doesn't leave the nucleus until it has matured, and that it is extremely unstable, and as a result is one of the main reasons for There being a cell nucleus in eukaryotes.

electron Microscopy

  • Link to home page of the confocal microscope (UNSW) [1]
  • Link to the home page of the Electron microscope unit (UNSW) [2]

Cell exocytosis

  • Proteins are made in the lumen and are only allowed into the cytoplasm with a membrane. I'm not sure what the proper reason for this is, Is it to protect the protein, or to prevent the poteins from makig chages to the cytoplasm.
  • I found the golgi apparatus pretty interesting. I did not know that each of the compartments were different sizes and that they do not touch.

cellular energy production

  • There are 3 main types of energy production in a cell.
    • Phosphocreatine - resynthesizes and resupplies callular ATP
    • Aerobic metabolism - requires oxygen to drive the chemical reactions
    • Glycolosis - this is an anaerobic system that uses glucose and glycogen
  • Mitochondria and energy production are found in the area of the cell where the most energy is required

Cell adhesion

  • Cell Adhesion Molecule (CAM)
    • L-CAM is a liver cell adhesion molecule
    • NG-CAM is a Neuron-Glia cell adhesion molecule
    • I-CAM is an Intercellular cell adhesion molecule

Lecture 10 Homework

  • strata spinosum

Methods of Confocal Microscopy

  • the two methods used in confocal microscopy are Spinning and Laser

S Phase in cell division

  • S Phase stands for Synthesis Phase

individual assignment topic