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This test page will only be used by the course co-ordinator to demonstrate project concepts and should be referred back to regularly for updated information.

Week 3 Project Work

  • You have now selected a cell division topic.
  • Discuss with your group who is researching which sub-section.
  • Have sub-headings added to your project page.
  • Allocate sub-section work on your discussion page. There must be clear interaction from all group members on this page.
  • Commence uploading content that related to your topic. Remember that all files uploaded must have all associated description, reference, copyright and student template as described in the earlier Lab.

Week 2 Referencing

1. find the number, remove colon. PMID 23393914

2. Put pubmed code at front and end.


3. Turn it into a reference.[1]

Database Searches

All PubMed Databases


BioMed Central

Cell Division


  1. <pubmed>23393914</pubmed>


Essential Cell Biology

  • Essential Cell Biology Chapter 17

Molecular Biology of the Cell

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Molecular Cell Biology

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2013 Projects: Group 1 | Group 2 | Group 3 | Group 4 | Group 5 | Group 6 | Group 7

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