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This test page will only be used by the course co-ordinator to demonstrate project concepts and should be referred back to regularly for updated information.

Project Work

  • You have now selected a cell division topic.
  • Discuss with your group who is researching which sub-section.
  • Have sub-headings added to your project page.
  • Allocate sub-section work on your discussion page. There must be clear interaction from all group members on this page.
  • Commence uploading content that related to your topic. Remember that all files uploaded must have all associated description, reference, copyright and student template as described in the earlier Lab.


1. find the number, remove colon. PMID 23393914

2. Put pubmed code at front and end.


3. Turn it into a reference.[1]

Database Searches

All PubMed Databases


BioMed Central

Cell Division


  1. <pubmed>23393914</pubmed>


Essential Cell Biology

  • Essential Cell Biology Chapter 17

Molecular Biology of the Cell

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Molecular Cell Biology

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The Cell- A Molecular Approach

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2013 Projects: Group 1 | Group 2 | Group 3 | Group 4 | Group 5 | Group 6 | Group 7

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