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This page allows 2012 Students to access their own specific wiki page.

  • Please note that all changes including additions, deletions and edits are logged by the wiki using the identity set by your preferences.
  • For individual projects, specific comments about the course and for your own use, each student has their own wiki page using their student number as a title for the page.
  • Hint - you can quickly get directly to your own page on your own home computer by adding your student number to this link http://cellbiology.med.unsw.edu.au/cellbiology/index.php?title=User: and then bookmarking.
  • Project Referencing information on how to add a reference list to your page. Hint look at the page in edit mode to see how the page is formatted to get a reference list. I also do prefer the formatting as it appears on the PubMed website, as you can copy and paste.

Lab Assessments

Lab 1 - Online Work

  1. Add your signature to your own work page.
  2. Add a correctly formatted internal link to your page.
  3. Add a correctly formatted external link to your page.

Lab 2 - Microscopy

  1. Identify a reference article that uses the "superresolution" microscopy technique.
  2. What did the paper show that normal microscopy could not show.

--Mark Hill 18:48, 16 March 2012 (EST) Note that I will be checking the images uploaded in the practical class to ensure that they have the associated reference and copyright information required. This was part of the practical class assessment. Note several students have uploaded images less than 6 months old this is against the copyright requirements for JCB. Please replace with an older image.

Lab 3 - Fixation