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This page allows 2012 Students to access their own specific wiki page.

  • Please note that all changes including additions, deletions and edits are logged by the wiki using the identity set by your preferences.
  • For individual projects, specific comments about the course and for your own use, each student has their own wiki page using their student number as a title for the page.
  • Hint - you can quickly get directly to your own page on your own home computer by adding your student number to this link http://cellbiology.med.unsw.edu.au/cellbiology/index.php?title=User: and then bookmarking.
  • Project Referencing information on how to add a reference list to your page. Hint look at the page in edit mode to see how the page is formatted to get a reference list. I also do prefer the formatting as it appears on the PubMed website, as you can copy and paste.
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