2011 Lab 11

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This is a new laboratory first introduced to the course for 2010. This laboratory will also include components forming part of your individual assessment.

Laboratory Handouts with all information and protocols on reagents have been issued out to all students. Please remember to bring this to your lab classes.

The link below is to last years experimental timetable. Please print out and bring to the Lab.

Laboratory Schedule for Lab 10 & Lab 11

This Laboratory Class will be conducted in association with Miltenyi Biotec (Australia). For more information visit: Milteyni Biotec's Website


  • 6 groups (5 students per group)

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

  • Laboratory gown
  • Gloves

Materials Provided for Communal Use:

  • Esky containing crushed ice / group Timer / group
  • Pipettes: 20uL, 100uL and 1mL (2 - 3 sets will be available) Blue and yellow pipette tips
  • Biological Waste Container (Access to Centrifuge 300G) – this step will be performed by a staff member
  • Transfer pipettes
  • Haemocytometer
  • Trypan Blue 15mL Falcon tubes (polypropylene) + tube racks Magnetic Cell Sorting magnets & stand