2011 Group 6 Project

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Neuromuscular Junctions


what is a neuromuscular junction?

Historic background

the process of discovering the neuromuscular junction, or junctions in general

Mechanism of action

How exactly does the neuromuscular junction work?

steps involved in the neuron activating the muscle to contract

inhibiting the junction, -knockout studies and neuromuscular block

Development of the neuromuscular junction

The steps involved in formation of a neuromuscular junction during embryonic development

Table Comparing Junctions

A table comparing other groups junctions and how they work

maybe change this heading to something like ' other types of junctions '

Common neuromuscular junction disorders

Current associated research

Future research

External links




  1. <pubmed>21368180</pubmed>

Coordinator Comment to all Groups

I will add a general comment that will be the same to all groups under this heading.

Referencing Extension Problem

--Mark Hill 13:16, 3 May 2011 (EST) As mentioned in the lecture, I am aware of the referencing extension problem on your project pages. I have the following temporary solution, of removing the extension, so that groups can continue to add content to their project pages. I am also giving everyone a 1 week extension before the peer assessment.

This should only be done if your project page is not allowing you to save changes!

A. The Easy Way....

The following 4 steps can be done on the webpage or select all content in edit mode, copy and paste into a text editor. All steps must be completed before you attempt to save.

  1. In page edit mode, find all <pubmed> reference tags.
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This will generate a numbered reference list that we can later fix up.

B. The Better Looking Result....

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