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This page is designed for teachers designing online educational content. There are other resources available for students working online. This design information for teachers should only be seen as a starting point, there may be specific ways of working and presenting your information that you find either easier or even better. Editing Basics is the information provided for students, and is also a good place for teachers to start working online. The "code" used to design a page is generally the same for all Wiki platforms. Note that depending on the Wiki page appearance (skin) the position and style of the available editing buttons may differ.

This page will begin by describing how to move your existing materials into the Wiki format, later pages will then describe how to format and add additional resources to your online materials.

Links: Team Teaching | PDF Team Teaching | Wikis 101 | Editing Basics

Word Documents

Copy, paste and save the text onto your Wiki page. You can then go through and apply the Wiki styling to the text on the actual page. Note that most wikis will also allow the uploading of a word document as a file that you can then provide access to other teachers or students as a page link.

Hyper Text Markup Language

Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML)

If you have other online materials already prepared as HTML code this code can also be directly used (based) on a wiki page. Note do not use any CSS associated with the basic HTML code as it will not function on a Wiki.