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Notes/Unsubmitted Work

Some stuff to chase up RE: SLRP wiki project:

  • PMID 1384430
  • PMID 1883201
  • PMID 10073655
  • PMID 10383378
  • PMID 11292371


Points to Remember

  • Anything that goes on Plos One can be reused (w/ credit) - use only images which you have permission to use!
    • Articles must clearly state that content can be reused.
  • When adding images, use a descriptive title with 01 afterwards. Add the a pubmed tag in the summary of uploaded images to associate the two, hence giving credit.
  • To cite a pubmed thing, either:
    • PMID 24893741
    • <pubmed>24893741</pubmed>
  • Other (footnote) references: use ref tags, with a references/ end tag in the refs section.
  • The file tag inserts an image.