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Week 5: Immunochemistry

IG: immunoglobulin

  • all heads are different in IG, so thats how we have specificity
  • beta cell will only secrete one type of antibody
 -polyantibodies: good for high signal level so you can get lots of protein molecules binding to the surface. 
 positive:amplify binding recognition and signalling
 recognise same proteins with similar epitopes that are expressed in the tissue
  • to check specificity: can use western blotting.
  • With test subjects, we are limited to the amount of blood we can take from our test subject - to use as the serum. because if we take too much it'll die.
  • myeloma: in bone marrow
  • anti IGG antibody: the antibody against the first (directly against the protein) antibody that recognises the 'bottle'-protein

-primary antibody: has 2 antibody sites that it can bind to. and thus doesnt need to be labelled. but secondary and tertiary have got to be labelled so we can track it.

  • not diluting the antibody to what it specifies to will give us lots of non-specific binding, and