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Group 1 - PCR Whilst brief, i feel that this group was able to convey their message more than adequately. The information was not over my head nor did it seem dumbed down. I particularly enjoyed their feature on PCR applications in the real world. However, upon reading their comparison of PCRs i found it much too confusing. In my opinion, a table should've been used to display this information.

Group 3 - immunohistochemistry Wow... such a well thought out page. Does look like alot of time and effort did go into this. Pictures... goood, content...good, referencing...good. if i had to be stingy though, their glossary is ordinary but does that really matter?

Group 4 - Cell culture Good assignment, well written and thought out. although needs a little bit more referencing and more effort in the hand drawn diagram. I also found it odd that all their pictures had 1 line captions.

Group 5 - Electron microscopy Firstly i sympathise with this group for getting what might not be the most interesting topic of the bunch. nevertheless the quality of work was very good and it was all well referenced. Only complaint is that their intro was too brief, but all other content and pictures were good.

Group 6 - Confocal microscopy Work was good and well referenced, but needed their work in the display of their timeline. Lovedtheir idea of in-text links. Might steal that for our presentation.

Group 7 - monoclonal antibodies Page contained good content and was expressed very well. No information seemed to over the top for me. Particularly liked the use of hand drawn images. references are a bit weird, but they should have that fixed for main marking.

Group 8 - Microarray Really enjoyed the layout of this assignment, maybe i can possibly integrate elementrs from it into our group project. Liked how different types of diagrams and tables were used. Well referenced too.

Group 9 - flourescent Proteins Whilst the information was good, the layout made it very difficult to read. Lack of referencing and incomplete headers could also hurt them. Although again the content was good

Group 10 - Somatic Cell nuclear transfer Not much else to say, but a job well done!