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ELISA kits for alpha-1-acid glycoprotein

Alpha 1 acid Glycoprotein (AGP) is an acute-phase protein secreted by the liver which under conditions of inflammation increase several-fold in concentration. Normal concentration in Plasma : 0.6-1.2 mg/ml (1-3% of plasma protein)


Abcam Sensitivity:0.06 Micrograms/ml Range:0.063-4

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Levels of AGP in CSF

Studies investigating the levels of AGP in delirium has not yet been carried out. However, levels in those with AD and non- AD dementia have been measured. The levels measured in the controls for this study may be an accurate depiction of levels of AGP in normal individuals. The mean concentration in the controls was roughly 8 micrograms per ml [1] links to with the link text '(1)' This is more or less close to the levels observed in the plasma.