Test Project

From CellBiology

A project page template showing how think about your project content should be both organised and displayed. These are guiding suggestions only to get you started, the final project is all your own work!

  • history (discovery, timeline, key events)
  • structure (protein(s), carbohyrate, interactions, associated biological molecules, regulation)
  • function (location, role within the cell, associated abnormalities)
  • reference list (review articles, research articles, online materials)


Planning Questions

  • What do you want to say/show?
  • What is the best way of showing concepts?
  • What can I draw to visualise concepts?
  • How do we share the work load?

Project Assessment

Projects will be have several criteria used in their final assessment (20% of your final ANAT3231 mark)

  • course coordinator (will monitor contributions too construction and the final online project)
  • internal group peer assessment (members of your group will provide an assessment of individual contributions to the final project)
  • inter-group peer assessment (other groups will assess your project)