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Lab Attendance

--Mark Hill 10:42, 10 March 2011 (EST)

--Mark Hill 09:24, 18 March 2011 (EST)

Individual Assessments

Lab 1

These questions should be completed on you own page before next weeks lab.

  1. What are the key cell biology journals?
  2. Which journals allow reuse of their published content?

Lab 2

1. Which chromosomes contribute to the nucleolus?

You needed to search the bookshelf for the terms "nucleolus and chromosome". Students having problems with this question should look here

2. Identify and add a link to your page of a recent cell biology article using confocal microscopy from the Pubmed database.

Lab 3

  1. Find the SDS information for chloroform and identify the hazards associated with this chemical.
  2. You will need to upload an image and add it to your page, with the reference and copyright information with the image.

Work Area

Lab 1

Here is some bold text.

Here is some italic text.

Lab 2



How to search the Pubmed Bookshelf

Now search Pubmed Reference Database

  • Something like the image below is what you should see (the results number will change with time).

Pubmed nucleous search 01.png

  • The righthand menu shows some basic filters that can be applied

Pubmed nucleous search 02.jpg

Lab 3


Here is an example of a reference added after a sentence on your project page.

This is about frog nucleoli shape changes.[1]

and this is what the code looks like in edit view <ref><pubmed>21368180</pubmed></ref> (in this page view I have used "nowiki" to show the actual code)

Then at the bottom of your project page under the heading "References"

this code formats the reference for you <references/> (in this page view I have used "nowiki" to show the actual code)


  1. <pubmed>21368180</pubmed>

This Project Referencing page gives a more complete tutorial on how this all works.

Adding an Image

Now a tutorial in adding an image.

Please note you do not have to put a "z" in front of the image name as in previous years projects.

1. Find an article in a journal that allows reuse of content

Check the conditions of reuse before you do anything. 

If you are sure that you can reuse we can proceed (it is useful to open each link in a new tab to help with adding the information you need).

2. Here is an example of a paper in PubMed

From which I will add an image.


PubMed PMID21232101.jpg

3. Open the journal link in a new tab


4. Here is the section within the paper


Open the image in a new tab.

Now download the image to your desktop.

5. Uploading the image

Wiki-upload-link.jpg Open Upload file in a new tab.

Here is what the image upload window looks like. Now follow the numbered steps.


6. The uploaded image

General appearance in vitro follicles.jpg

General appearance of in vitro grown follicles.[1]

More information about image formatting can be found on the page Cell Biology Image Tutorial.

Finally add the text below to the image summary:

{{Template:Student Image}}

Remember if you make a mistake in naming or in relation to copyright, you will need to email me with a link to the image and tell me why I need to delete for you.

Images uploaded contrary to copyright conditions will be deleted and will count against your own individual mark for the final group project.

Image Reference

  1. <pubmed>21232101</pubmed>| PMC3033320 | Reprod Biol Endocrinol.