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four tildes ~~~~ becomes on save the text shown below

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Note - This image was originally uploaded as part of a student project and may contain inaccuracies in either description or acknowledgements. Please contact the site coordinator if the uploaded content does not meet the original copyright permission or requirements, for immediate removal.

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PMID 25350791

<ref name=PMID28218908><pubmed>28218908</pubmed></ref>

Cell-matrix signals specify bone endothelial cells during developmental osteogenesis[1]

  1. <pubmed>28218908</pubmed>

Lab 1 Tutorial

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Lab Attendance

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This is an external link - PubMed

This is an internal link - Apples and Oranges

This is a link to a PubMed reference - PMID 25513760

Here is that formatted reference - <pubmed>25513760</pubmed>


Here is the image I uploaded (click the image to open it and see reference and copyright information).

Cell interaction network 01.jpg

Cell interaction network[1]

SthK-Cterm structure.png

SthK-Cterm structure[2]


  1. <pubmed>25734423</pubmed>
  2. <pubmed>25625648</pubmed>

Lab 1 Individual Assessment

We had already done most of the exercise in class. You need to add the image and information to your own page before next week's Lab.

Lab 1 Handout - One page Wiki Reference Card

  1. Add your own student page to the site.
  2. Add your signature for Lab attendance.
  3. Add a sub-heading.
  4. Add an external Link.
  5. Add an internal Link.
  6. Add an image from PloS journal related to prokaryotes. Make sure it includes both the reference and copyright information.

Lab 2 - Image Referencing

Nucleoskeleton to the cytoskeleton complexes 02.jpg

Role of Sun-domain and KASH-domain proteins in nuclear envelope architecture[1]


  1. <pubmed>20132544</pubmed>

Lab 3 Reference Searching

Search term: Endocytosis

<pubmed limit=5>Endocytosis</pubmed>

BioMed Central

Searching References

Search term: Endocytosis

<pubmed limit=5>Endocytosis</pubmed>

BioMed Central

BMC Cell Biology

J Cell Biology


search all journals "prokaryote" abstract.

PLoS One


--Mark Hill 00:16, 28 February 2010 (UTC) APA Guidelines for citation of Websites

General guidelines:

General format/sequence: Author. (Date published if available; n.d.--no date-- if not). Title of article. Title of web site . Retrieved date. From URL. Separate items of citations with periods Use hanging indents following the first line List entries alphabetically by author, if no author list title first Example:

Landsberger, J. (n.d.). Citing Websites. In Study Guides and Strategies. Retrieved May 13, 2005, from .

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