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Start by looking at the PDF booklet produced by the American Society for Cell Biology Exploring the Cell. This brief 11 page booklet (1.9 Mb PDF) introduces some basic concepts about cells in an easy to understand format.



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Zhangyang Qi, Meihao Wu, Yun Fu, Tengfei Huang, Tingting Wang, Yanjie Sun, Zhibo Feng, Changzheng Li Palmitic Acid Curcumin Ester Facilitates Protection of Neuroblastoma against Oligomeric Aβ40 Insult. Cell. Physiol. Biochem.: 2017, 44(2);618-633 PubMed 29161719

Grazia Maria Virzì, Anna Clementi, Alessandra Brocca, Claudio Ronco Endotoxin Effects on Cardiac and Renal Functions and Cardiorenal Syndromes. Blood Purif.: 2017, 44(4);314-326 PubMed 29161706

Pavak Kirit Shah, Anthony Santella, Adrian Jacobo, Kimberly Siletti, A J Hudspeth, Zhirong Bao An In Toto Approach to Dissecting Cellular Interactions in Complex Tissues. Dev. Cell: 2017, 43(4);530-540.e4 PubMed 29161596

Wen-Ting Lo, Andreja Vujičić Žagar, Fabian Gerth, Martin Lehmann, Dymtro Puchkov, Oxana Krylova, Christian Freund, Leonardo Scapozza, Oscar Vadas, Volker Haucke A Coincidence Detection Mechanism Controls PX-BAR Domain-Mediated Endocytic Membrane Remodeling via an Allosteric Structural Switch. Dev. Cell: 2017, 43(4);522-529.e4 PubMed 29161595

Sameer S Bajikar, Chun-Chao Wang, Michael A Borten, Elizabeth J Pereira, Kristen A Atkins, Kevin A Janes Tumor-Suppressor Inactivation of GDF11 Occurs by Precursor Sequestration in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer. Dev. Cell: 2017, 43(4);418-435.e13 PubMed 29161592

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--Mark Hill 00:16, 28 February 2010 (UTC) APA Guidelines for citation of Websites

General guidelines:

General format/sequence: Author. (Date published if available; n.d.--no date-- if not). Title of article. Title of web site . Retrieved date. From URL. Separate items of citations with periods Use hanging indents following the first line List entries alphabetically by author, if no author list title first Example:

Landsberger, J. (n.d.). Citing Websites. In Study Guides and Strategies. Retrieved May 13, 2005, from .

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Pollard: Cell Biology, 2nd ed. Copyright © 2007 Saunders, An Imprint of Elsevier

Kierszenbaum: Histology and Cell Biology - An Introduction to Pathology, 3rd ed. Copyright © 2011 Saunders, An Imprint of Elsevier







Molecular Biology of the Cell

Alberts, Bruce; Johnson, Alexander; Lewis, Julian; Raff, Martin; Roberts, Keith; Walter, Peter New York and London: Garland Science; c2002

Molecular Cell Biology

Lodish, Harvey; Berk, Arnold; Zipursky, S. Lawrence; Matsudaira, Paul; Baltimore, David; Darnell, James E. New York: W. H. Freeman & Co.; c1999

The Cell- A Molecular Approach

Cooper, Geoffrey M. Sunderland (MA): Sinauer Associates, Inc.; c2000

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  • Lipid rafts and the regulation of exocytosis. Salaün C, James DJ, Chamberlain LH. Traffic. 2004 Apr;5(4):255-64. Review. PMID: 15030567