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2016 Course Outline

Each lecture scheduled would be limited to a 40 minute presentation. Thereafter, 2 students will each present a current research article (that is thematically related to the lecture) in a 5 minutes PowerPoint or Prezi presentation. The remaining students will need to comment on an exercise sheet on: [1] two key findings that were presented in the paper; [2] were the methods and data supporting the conclusions that the authors made in the study; [3] the student’s view on why these findings make a significant advance to the field of research. The students have up to 5 minutes after each article presentation to fill out the exercise sheet.

I should not be too time consuming to quickly assess the exercise sheet and give marks. I would then make this component as an essential assessment component for the course with 5% of the total mark and 80% completion requirement. Thereby, 80% attendance of the lecture time slots should be ensured


Lecture material will be transferred to this wiki in 2014 and can be accessed from the Course Timetable.

Note earlier versions of course lecture slides 2012, 2011, 2010 and 2009 are available on this wiki. The 2008 notes are still available from the UNSW Cell Biology website.


Course commences Week 2 the timetable for the upcoming 2014 course is currently in preparation. Overall course information should be similar to that for earlier years shown below.

All course timetable clashes should initially be referred to the SOMS student advisor (Carmen Robinson, Room G27, Biosciences Building). Other course enquiries should be directed to the course coordinator (Dr Mark Hill, Room G20, Wallace Wurth Building).

  • Lecture 1 - Tuesday 12:00 PM Wallace Wurth LG02
  • Lecture 2 - Thursday 9:00 AM Wallace Wurth LG02
  • Laboratory - Thursday 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM Wallace Wurth East G08


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