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--Jae Lee 14:41, 18 May 2009 (EST)I decided to change my protein for individual project to Spo11 protein, which is a key protein involved in initiation of recombination in Meiosis 1. My previous protein: DNA mismatch repair protein seems to be too diverse and complex....

Group Project Peer Review

assessment criteria:

  • Topic: is the major concepts illustrated?
  • Structure / Function
  • Diagram
  • Glossary
  • Glossary
  • link (to individual project and back to group project)
  • Reference
  • Images

Week 7

lecture 15

  • have some general knowledge of: cyclins, cdk, tumor suppressor protein.

My Review

I have reviewed...

  • 3280894
  • 3219606
  • 3219050
  • 3217582
  • 3187155
  • 3161979


A)Z3280894 Try and relate your pictures more to your text. I think you should explain the structure and function more almost as if the reader has no idea what any of these things are. It may help to increase your glossary so that it's reader friendly. I suggest adding a conclusion. You did an overall great job and it seems very well researched!

B)3224430, good conceptual introduction. and you benefitted well from your use of lots of diagrams. In all, you project read very well. Well done.

C)Similar to the first comments, I had difficulty relating the information from the project to the diagram. As the topic dealt in the project seems to have multiple steps, and complex to understand, good diagram relationships to the contents would help reader to understands better about the topic.

D) The project demonstrates a very well structured design alongside detailed hand-drawn images. The information provided is concise and written in a readily understood format. Although I would suggest the formation/development of DSBs could be more clearly defined within the text such that readers will not be confused with its function. Otherwise, it appears that this project would be of great calibre. -z3224479

E) I really liked the introduction section of this project and the explanation of the need for DSBs. The hand drawn images were also a noted addtion. I also found the protein-protein interaction of Spo11 11 to be quite useful, I haven't yet come across a section which specifically outlines the interactions of a protein with other proteins, and this component is important in understanding how this protein interacts with others, to influence the larger biological function. I would however, suggest that you add a link to your group page.