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Peer Review:

A- Interesting topic.. and a good introduction. But few things to comment on: 1-cite your reference within the text. 2- is there any pic/animation to include? 3- the entry does Not represent “significant research” as required. content is poor. You need to EXPAND more on function and particularly current research, that’s where you and everybody else would gain an appreciation of the role and regulation of “Spectrin” and its relation to our modern biomedical/biological research. 4- Also, interlink your individual topic with group entry. Good luck!. Z3191358

Your project is clear and easy to read and is set out well under sub-headings. Suggestions I have for improvement are:

  • it would be nice to include some images
  • grammar: Various actin-binding proteins (ABP) are known to be found in the nucleus of cells and are responsible for the regulation (of?) actin filaments in the cytoplasm
  • include in-text referencing and alink to your group project
  • i think you need to go into more detail on the function and current research on spectrin - these sections are a little too brief, plus it would be nice to be able to have more of an in-depth understanding and apprection of spectrin


  1. Your individual project on Spectrin shows very simple explanations on its structural and functional content, you might like to consider to elaborate on the function of it, by illustrating its signaling roles in the the regulation actin filaments in the cytoplasm.

For current research you might like to consider placing an external link to the website which shows the current research being undertaken. And for your content layout, you might like to consider to putting in images/ figures or tables in supporting your report, it looks a bit dull at the moment

z3217578: The use of a relevant image or two would make your page look nicer, looks a little dull without any

3. Good structure to the page, ie. introduction, location of spectrin, structure, function and current research. However, you might like to consider the following suggestions. Firstly, provide a few images to the page, ie. like you mention "...namely the spectrin repeat. [Image]", this will enhance your explanation, also it will add colour to the page. Secondly, provide citation to your page. ie."The spectrin protein is a rod shaped, flexible molecule ranging from 200 to 260 nm in length. (M. Hill, blah, blah)". Thirdly, devote a section on linking your individual topic to group topic, ie."Spectrin is such a cool protein, because it plays an essential role in nucleus, blah, blah, blah..." something like that. Lastly, provide evidence to back up you theories. Overall, a good page.

3. the info seems good and easy to follow. you have no links to external sources, might make the page a little more intersting. a few pictures and maybe a diagram would clear a few thing up.(z3158969) You have now created your individual project page.

  • Student Comment - Peer Review

Well structured, easy to follow but perhaps more detail required on function, regulation and current research.

Short and to the point, a very easy read. I have to agree with the comment above, a little bit more wouldnt hurt, and maybe a diagram to help explain.

Peer reviewed: 3158969, 3160237, 3161979, 3186815, 3193685, 3132868

--Mark Hill 09:58, 20 April 2009 (EST)You have not yet selected your individual project protein/method topic and still missing some homework items. 2009_Student#Individual_Projects Individual Projects

--Mark Hill 18:31, 19 March 2009 (EST)You still need to provide feedback for Lecture 4 - Nucleus.

--Mark Hill 22:55, 22 March 2009 (EST) Thank you for your Lecture 4 feedback I am glad you have understood the difference between a nuclear envelope and a cell membrane and teh dynamics of this envelope.