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z3219393: your project is concise and nicely structured by using sub-headings, well done. Possible suggestions i can give for improvement are:

  • include some images (i think you included references to figures 1 and 2 but they are not there...)
  • include a link to your group project
  • capital letters at the start of these sentences:
    • in 1983 it was discovered that entry into the Mitotic phase of the cell cycle was reliant (on??) new protein synthesis reactions. (Cooper GM,2000.) through the study of sea urchins and clam embryo's two proteins with very distinctive features were identified, that is they showed patterns of degradation and accumulation. these patterns were periodic in nature (overview section)
    • as mentioned there are 2 domains, (structure section
  • maybe make clearer the regulation of the cyclin E - you've said that it is regulated by phosphorylative does phosphorylation inactivate it or activate it?

B. It provided a clear and concise view on the CYCLIN E/CDK2, however you could include some internal links and images to lighten up the report. For the Actions of Cyclin E /cdk2 during the Cycle, Regulation Expression you could place that under one subheading, to make it flow easily.

C. z3295026: The project is great, but you can improve on specfic aspect to allow your project to flow, for example the function can be explained more in detail revealling wat happens if the element is mutated, and images could be added to explain spefic process realted to the element of your topic

D. z3217578: Very good information, and I agree with Carmen, good use of subheadings. However, it's probably better to move you lecture feedback section either to the bottom of the page, or to the discussion section. An image or two would also make it look nicer

E. Carmen Lam 12:27, 21 May 2009 (EST)

Hi Larissa,

The positive: The use of subheadings was good in that it makes the page more user friendly. Language and information was clear and concise.

The negative: With your in text referencing, perhaps you can shorten the references, the ones with more than 3 authors, with "et al". for example Lowe R,,Dubinina E,Skamnaki V,Cook A,Brown N and Johnson L, 2005) It can be noted that in higher .. etc. So you can put Lowe et al 2005. it can be noted that in higher... There are a few typos, so you may want to read over it. MAybe you could look for an image for the structure of CDK2 just to add a bit of variety.

However other than that it was a good effort and with regards to the limit and readability, it's a good effort! =)Oh, and like Mark mentioned you need to reference your page back to the group page... but well done!

F.z3189168:Overall, it is concise and seems to cover the main points. your tone is friendly which makes your work easy to read. but there are a few things on which you need to work.

  • "in 1983 it was discovered... these patterns were..." Please start with capital letters.
  • No diagrams or images have been used. I would love to see what CYCLIN E/CDK2 structurally look like.
  • With reference to figure 2, it can be seen...??? Which figure are you refering to?
  • ...monitoring the progression from G1 phase to the s phase... s should be capital "S".

G. Hi Larissa. Your individual project is well written, interesting and infromative. It has a good flow as well. Great job. --Jessica Lazarus 19:02, 24 May 2009 (EST)

General Discussion:

--Mark Hill 09:45, 20 April 2009 (EST)Still missing lecture 10 homework item and your individual project topic . Individual Projects --Mark Hill 18:28, 19 March 2009 (EST)Thank you for your detailed feedback. The nuclear cytoskeleton is quite unique, unlike other cytoplasmic intermediate filament proteins that differ between different cell types, lamins are found in all nucleated cells.