Talk:2014 Lab 9

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Lab 9 Assessment

You are a research scientist who has isolated cells that are growing in tissue culture. These normal cells when in their normal organ/tissue die after 2 weeks and are replaced as part of that organ/tissue's normal function.

With your group design an experiment(s) that would identify how (the mechanism) these cell would normally die.

  1. Write a hypothesis that you are going to test.
  2. Write aims of your experiment.
  3. Identify key techniques and procedures used in your investigation (Spell these out in some detail).
  4. Identify suppliers that have resources that you will need for your study (create links to the supplier resource pages, kits, antibodies etc).
  5. Now prepare a flow diagram of how the experiment will be carried out and analysed.
  6. What will different experimental results (outcomes) mean.