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  • Nuclear pore complexes are fixed in place Daigle et al. report that nuclear pore complexes (NPCs) undergo limited movements that match the deformations of the nuclear envelope as tracked using a grid of bleached nuclear lamins. NPCs are therefore remarkably stable complexes, and are probably anchored to a protein network in the nuclear envelope.
  • Nucleoporins reassemble around post-mitotic chromatin A conserved nuclear pore subcomplex was characterized and tracked by Belgareh et al., who found that the proteins were recruited during telophase in a rim pattern surrounding the chromosomes. A low level of staining was also apparent on the kinetochores throughout mitosis.
  • Processing complexes may help reassemble nucleoli Nucleolar reassembly during telophase is shown by Dundr et al. to require mitotically preserved processing complexes.
  • Speckles - A splicing factor has limited mobility Based on the limited mobility of a splicing factor, Kruhlak et al. determine that the factor undergoes frequent but transient interactions with relatively immobile nuclear binding sites, both when associated with speckles and when dispersed in the nucleoplasm. This a 3-D video that should be viewed using red/green 3-D glasses.

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