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  • 08:51, 4 June 2016 Z3461106 (talk | contribs) uploaded File:Pbio.1001720.g006.jpg (<b>WdpcpCys40 mutants show PCP defects and disrupted canonical Wnt signaling.</b> (A–D) Scanning EM of cochlear hair cells showed chevron-shaped stereocilia pointing laterally in control (A, C), but in WdpcpCys40 mutants, the stereocilia point in va...)
  • 09:50, 19 May 2016 Z3461106 (talk | contribs) uploaded File:Erythrocyte Human (Histology Leishman).jpg (Human Blood Smear Magnification: 100x Stain: Leishman Stain Contains: Erythrocytes Platelets Obtained from: Blue Histology Author: Lutz Slomianka)
  • 17:42, 17 May 2016 Z3461106 (talk | contribs) uploaded a new version of File:Neuron.png (Schematic diagram of a cross-section through a red blood cell showing the cortical actin-spectrin network. The inset is a detailed view of the network, which is comprised of the proteins F-actin (green), adducin (blue) and spectrin (purple) arranged in...)
  • 16:46, 17 May 2016 Z3461106 (talk | contribs) uploaded a new version of File:Neuron.png
  • 16:38, 17 May 2016 Z3461106 (talk | contribs) uploaded File:Neuron.png (In the dendrites, F-actin is the main contributor to the cortical cytoskeleton, with long filaments that run parallel to the long axis of the dendrite.)
  • 12:37, 14 April 2016 Z3461106 (talk | contribs) uploaded File:Capture.PNG (Group 2 Tm4 Vs. Control)
  • 10:44, 24 March 2016 Z3461106 (talk | contribs) uploaded File:Ncomms10980-f1.jpg (==Figure 1: Examples for intermediate SR-SIM results displayed as power spectra in frequency space.== (a) Visualization of the cross-correlation used for parameter estimation, with circles marking the low-frequency region excluded from the fit and the...)
  • 09:47, 16 March 2016 Z3461106 (talk | contribs) uploaded File:AdFIZZI Effects on Lung Fibrosis.jpeg (==AdFIZZI Effects on Lung Fibrosis== The lung FIZZ1 mRNA (A) at the indicated time points and protein at day 21 (B) after AdFIZZ1 endotracheal administration alone, or with BLM injection (C) were analyzed by qPCR. The results were shown as mean ± SE...)