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  • 11:19, 27 May 2014 Z3421035 (talk | contribs) uploaded File:MPC1 and MPC2.jpg (Fig. 1 Mpc1 and Mpc2 are evolutionarily conserved mitochondrial inner-membrane proteins. (A) Mpc1 labeled with green fluorescent protein (Mpc1-GFP) and mitochondrial targeted red fluorescent protein (MtRFP) coexpressed in yeast cells. DIC, differentia...)
  • 20:41, 26 May 2014 Z3421035 (talk | contribs) uploaded File:Lipid transport.jpg (Fig. 3 Mmm1 is an integral ER protein. (A) Disruption of a single ERMES component causes disassembly of the complex. Mmm1-GFP is localized in punctate structures in WT cells (a). Upon deletion of MDM12 (b), MDM34 (c), or MDM10 (d), Mmm1-GFP relocalizes...)
  • 11:57, 25 May 2014 Z3421035 (talk | contribs) uploaded File:PNPase Location.jpg (PNPase complexes located in the intermembranous space of the mitochondria. It has a function in the transportation of small RNA molecules which are then processed in the mitochondrial matrix.
  • 17:56, 15 May 2014 Z3421035 (talk | contribs) uploaded File:Apoptosis flow diagram.PNG (
  • 21:10, 29 April 2014 Z3421035 (talk | contribs) uploaded File:Mitochondria structure.jpg (Fig. 4. A single section through the 3D tomogram of the mitochondrion used to create the model in Fig. 3. Examples of the various structural features are outlined, identified and enlarged to the left and right, along with their dimensions averaged fro...)
  • 17:31, 17 April 2014 Z3421035 (talk | contribs) uploaded File:Graph of Undifferentiated B35 cells.PNG (This graph compares the difference between wild type and the over-expression of tropomysin in undifferentiated B35 cells.)
  • 09:46, 1 April 2014 Z3421035 (talk | contribs) uploaded File:Import of Oxal through inner mitochondrial membrane.jpg (F4.large.jpg Mitochondria Use Different Mechanisms for Transport of Multispanning Membrane Proteins through the Intermembrane Space FIG. 4. The small TIM complexes of the intermembrane space are...)
  • 21:10, 22 March 2014 Z3421035 (talk | contribs) uploaded File:Cellular nucleus.gif (F1.medium.gif Cell spreading controls endoplasmic and nuclear calcium: A physical gene regulation pathway from the cell surface to the nucleus. Figure 1: 3D morphometr...)
  • 16:16, 20 March 2014 Z3421035 (talk | contribs) uploaded File:Neuronal Cytoskeleton stained.png (Tether extraction and radius measurements for neurons Membrane Elastic Properties and Cell Function Figure:(A–C) Images of the cortical (CX) neurons cytoskeleton stained fo...)