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20:54, 18 May 2016 Classification of asthma severity prior to treatment.png (file) 73 KB   1
13:22, 18 May 2016 Discussion image 1.JPG (file) 99 KB   1
13:19, 18 May 2016 IMG 3948.JPG (file) 101 KB   1
20:01, 17 May 2016 Underlying mechanisms in mast cell myositis in asthma.png (file) 168 KB The mechanisms leading to an infiltration in of the airway smooth muscle (ASM) layer by mast cells in asthma firstly involves mast cell chemotaxis towards the ASM bundle, followed by direct mast cell-ASM call adhesion. The mast cell- extracellular mat... 1
18:36, 4 May 2016 Molecular mechanisms responsible for allergic reactions.png (file) 59 KB Mast cells play a key role in both the early and late stage responses of allergic reactions, leading to immediate hypersensitivity and late phase allergic inflammation 1
22:02, 1 May 2016 The early immediate hypersensitivity phase of antigen-induced airway inflammation.jpg (file) 318 KB The IgE molecules bound to FceRI molecules on a single mast cell. The binding of IgE to FcεRI αβγγ on mast cells (located in airway tissue) up regulates FcεRI surface expression and causes these cells to respond when later exposed to specific ant... 1
13:01, 14 April 2016 Morphology of overexpressed TM4 cells compared to wldtype B35 cells.jpg (file) 26 KB   1
00:42, 7 April 2016 3D reconstruction of a mast cell.png (file) 80 KB A 3d Image of the mast cell. Secretory granules are illustrated in white, and the nucleus and cell body are shown in the cyan and grey areas. 1
23:12, 6 April 2016 3D sturcture of mast cell.png (file) 95 KB A SICM image of the 3D structure of the mast cell. The granules can be seen to be densely covering the surface of the mast cell 1
22:47, 23 March 2016 Superior platelet imaging by SIM.png (file) 166 KB (A) Platelets were imaged through SIM techniques (lower right) and compared with a diffraction-limited widescreen image (upper left). The platelet perimeter is labelled in red, and the dense granules (labelled with anti-CD63) in green. (B) The signific... 1
21:02, 14 March 2016 Prokaryotic genomes and membranes.jpg (file) 205 KB ==Prokaryotic genomes and membranes== (a)) Transmission electron micrograph of prokaryotic cyanobacteria depicting significant bioenergetic membrane surface area expansion as internal thylakoid membranes. Cyanobacteria however are small enough to ensur... 1