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Chloroplast Ribosome

Cytoplasmic structure formed from RNA and proteins that assembles to synthesise proteins. Ribosomes may be either free in the cytoplasm or attached to the endoplasmic reticulum, forming rough endoplasmic reticulum.

Ribosome Structure

  • All RNA components mRNA, rRNA and tRNA come together in this structure
  • two ribosome types with identical structure
  • different locations
  • free and membrane bound
    • Free in cytoplasm
    • Bound to endoplasmic reticulum

Ribosome Function

  • Protein Synthesis
  • complexes where RNA sequences are converted to amino acid (aa) sequences
  • Codons 3 NTPs = 1 AA
    • AA incorporated at 20/sec
    • average sized protein takes 20-60 seconds to assemble
  • Synthesis from amino- to carboxy- terminal of protein
  • many ribosomes can bind 1 mRNA


  • polyribosomes or polysomes are the EM visible granules
  • many ribosomes bound to a single mRNA
  • single ribosome covers a 54bp mRNA region
  • the synthesised single amino acid chain can then be "modified"
    • in the cytoplasm or in specialised organelles
  • Protein Modification/Function



Essential Cell Biology

  • Chapter 14 Intracellular Compartments and Transport

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