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  • Greek, mito = thread; chondrion = granule
  • Located throughout cytoplasmic compartment
    • mitochondria have several membrane enclosed compartments
    • each compartment has different function
  • Ancient aerobic organisms in symbiosis (endosymbiosis)
  • present in all cells

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Mitochondrion is singular, Mitochondria is plural

Labeled Mitochondria Movie (1 frame/2 seconds)

Mitochondrial motility in cultured hippocampal neurons

LInks: Lecture - Mitochondria

Mitochondria Function

  • Energy production
    • Respiratory chain
  • Signaling
  • Apoptosis role
    • Programmed cell death

Mitochondria Structure

Mitochondrial membraneous compartments
Mitochondrion rat liver
  • Double membrane
  • outer membrane
  • intermembrane space
  • inner membrane
  • crista (plural, cristae)
    • originally considered specialized folds of the inner membrane
    • variable invaginations with narrow tubular connections to each other and by crista junctions to the peripheral region of inner membrane
  • matrix

Mitochondria Shape

  • Come in different shapes & sizes
  • Can rapidly change shape (minutes)

EM: Mitochondria EM: Mitochondria EM: Mitochondria Mitochondrial Morphology

Mitochodrial Movie

Mitochondria Location

  • cells with high energy requirements: Muscle, sperm tail, flagella
  • generally located where energy consumption is highest in the cell
  • Mitochondria (fibroblasts)
  • Mitochondria (sperm)
    • Packed around initial segment
    • Energy for sperm motility, microtubules (9+2)


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  • MitoSciences is a leading developer of mitochondrial antibodies and mitochondrial assays.