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Tissue Culture Media

There are a range of different media formulations suitable for mammalian cell culture. Commonly used media formulations are shown on the Tissue Culture Media page.

  • Dulbecco's Modified Eagle Media - available in high and low glucose formulations, with and without phenol red and other components.

Media Supplements


  • Fetal Calf Serum
  • Horse Serum


  • Contains 10,000 units of penicillin (base) and 10,000 µg of streptomycin (base)⁄ml utilizing penicillin G (sodium salt) and streptomycin sulfate in 0.85% saline.
  • Spectrum: Gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria.
  • Recommended concentration: 50 to 100 U of penicillin, 50-100 µg of streptomycin.
  • Invitrogen | MSDS

Growth Factors

Biological Waste

  • Biological Waste should be taped closed in the bin.
  • An indicator taped to the bag (1 /load)
  • Transported double contained to the autoclave for sterilization.
  • Treated waste should then be transferred to the SOMS waste (LG floor).
  • A completed OHS Biological Waste form should then be Faxed to 9385 2365.

Links: OHS Waste - Laboratory Hazardous Waste Disposal | OHS Biological Waste form PDF




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Glass Coverslips

ProSciTech Cat.No. G402 coverslip #1, 13 mm diameter

ProSciTech PO Box 111 Thuringowa Central Queensland 4817 P: +617 7443 9444