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Basal Lamina

Elastic and Reticular Fibres

ECM Cartoon

<gallery> Image:Collagen-synthesis1.jpg|Image:Collagen synthesis (small) Image:Collagen-synthesis.jpg|Image:Collagen synthesis (large) Image:ECM collagen fibril nucleation.jpg|Collagen fibril nucleation Image:ECM collagen10+4fibril.jpeg|Collagen 10+4 fibril (thin cartilage collagen fibril) Image:ECM_Collagen_triplehelix_sm.png|Collagen triple helix (small) Image:ECM_Collagen_triplehelix.png|Collagen triple helix (large) Image:Collagen cartoon2.jpg|Collagen cartoon Image:ECM elastic-fiber synthesis.jpg|Elastic fiber synthesis Image:ECM elastic fiber assemby model.jpg|ECM elastic fiber assemby model Image:ECM fibronectin stretch.png|Fibronectin stretch Image:ECM MMPs cartoon.jpg|Matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) cartoon <gallery>

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