Cells - PC12

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There are almost 5000 references to this well characterized cell line in the scientific literature(PubMed Dec 99). Generated by Greene and Tischler (1976) from a transplantable rat adrenal pheochromocytoma line, it is a single cell clonal line which responded reversibly to nerve growth factor (NGF). Different cell labs may have slightly different versions of these cells dependent upon passage number and selection criteria.

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Culture Notes

These cells are slow growing and can be differentiated with NGF and cAMP acting synergistically. Separate addition of these factors requires longer periods of differentiation. Once differentiated the cells can be maintained for about 2 weeks (14 days). Dexamethasone induces differentiation of a non-neural lineage. These cells can be readily transfected: using calcium/phosphate, lipofectamine, adenovirus. There is a commercial inducible version of this cell line.