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This page will contain Cell Biology material available for student study commencing 2009.

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Lectures 2009

Note earlier versions of course lectures are available from the UNSW Cell Biology website. Some lecture material will be transferred to this wiki in 2009. Course Timetable


Essential Cell Biology (2nd ed.) Alberts, etal. 2003, is recommended for this course and page references are given in lectures. This textbook is a simplified (shortened) version of Molecular Biology of the Cell, listed below.

Additional online Cell Biology textbooks from NCBI Bookshelf can also be used, consult course organizer.

  • Molecular Biology of the Cell Alberts, Bruce; Johnson, Alexander; Lewis, Julian; Raff, Martin; Roberts, Keith; Walter, Peter

New York and London: Garland Science; c2002 Bookshelf Link

  • Molecular Cell Biology 4th ed., Lodish, Harvey; Berk, Arnold; Zipursky, S. Lawrence; Matsudaira, Paul; Baltimore, David; Darnell, James E., New York: W. H. Freeman & Co., 1999. The Cell- A Molecular Approach

Bookshelf Link

  • The Cell - A Molecular Approach 2nd ed., Cooper, Geoffrey M., Sunderland (MA): Sinauer Associates, Inc., 2000.

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