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Stem Cell Practical - Exercise

PDFs of 3 suggested primary research articles on stem cell research published any time from 2012 till now by the end of this week.

As part of the assessment for this course, your group will give a 15 minutes journal club presentation during the Lab on 30 May. For this you will have to discuss a recent (published after 2012) original research article on stem cell biology or technology, regenerative medicine, or stem cell therapy published in a high quality international research journal. Please note, reviews are not allowed.

Please search on PubMed for 2-3 research articles using search relevant terms, and send their PDFs to Annemiek (A.Beverdam@unsw.edu.au) by 5 pm on Wednesday 18 May. She will inform you which of the chosen articles are best suitable for presentation by Friday 19 May latest. Please note that the most exciting research articles are found in journals such as Nature, Science, Cell, Cell Stem Cell, etc. Please contact Annemiek in case you are at a loss, and she will help you find one.

During the presentation it works best if one student discusses the introduction, the second the results section, and the third the discussion section. Please note that one slide takes about 1 minute to talk through. So do not use more than 15 slides total. Please read through attached document for tips for how to prepare a good presentation. To make the Lab more interactive, I expect that each group will ask at least one question after each presentation.

You will receive a group mark based on presentation content, insight and comprehension, presentation and slide style, keeping within time, and contribution to discussion and questions.

Search PubMed: stem cell

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